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About Us


 The website

We are providing customers and business owners a safer and trustworthy place to interact.

Electricmall is a powerfull platform built to help retail businesses to promote their products and businesses. Our mandate is to help small and large businesses to have afordable promotion on the internet. this platform also wants to support customers who cannot move so easily will have an alternative to have the promotions of their favorite stores available to them and still can contact them about promotions and others. We bring customers and the businesses closer togerther to provide them a better customer servide even if they are far away they could find the products that they want.

Electricmall beleive in local businesses want to give them more accessibility to local stores that’s why you can make researches on our search bar by company names, adresses (countries, cities, and products.) and gives you opportunity to pay with a curency use in people country where we deceiving. 

We also beleive in fainess, equality and determination key ingrediances for success that’s why we honor our first store at the mall bookstore Quart-de=lune wich the fonder Author Anna Fayonna is a example of determination.



  The Quart-de-lune House edition, existed since 2010. Her sol owner fondator, french writer Anna Fayonna from Quebec, Canada. wrote and edited  8 books plus she collaborated with other writers to help them write and edit their books. Her mission is to help young writers out there to bring their project to life. The same reason makes her open an online library so she can form a larger comunity of book  lovers. Also help busineses owners to promote their stores, products and services where custumers are looking for them. These times the economy is unsure business owners are struggling to stay open because they are facing big expenses open a boutique on our site is a good way to stay at very low cost. we always here to help them promote their products. But QLelectricmall is not only offering more exposures, we guide the customers through out all process the transactions and give them the oportunity to get  in contact you 24 hours a day. Our platform offers to our visitors easy ways to find the products they are looking for, we have different categories available so that finding a product as easy as possible. Our dashboard will let bisness owners manage their  inventory, deliveries so that service on the different stores can be as user freindly as possible .

    At Qlelectricmall we take the security of your personal informations seriously. That’s why we get the best platform on the market for e-commerce and online transactions wich is Paypal for maximum security on our site.



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