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 The website Qlelectricmall.com

We are providing customers and business owners a safer and trustworthy place to interact.


Electricmall is a Canadian company registered in Montreal to create a secure platform designed to help retail businesses 
promote their products and businesses.

Our mandate is to help businesses large and small to promote their businesses and products on the Internet. This platform is 
intended to be secure, all transactions are handled by PAYPAL, a leader in electronic commerce. An essential service 
supporting increasingly busy families and those who are unable to travel. Large electronic shopping platforms are popular 
among Canadian consumers. We believe that the producer traders here have a lot to contribute to the global electronic 

We offer merchants a safe and cutting edge technology, reliable and affordable delivery service We believe in the local 
market and free enterprise we want to offer consumers the greatest possible choice and let them choose. We want to keep 
this service as accessible as possible, which is why we have removed the activation and monthly costs and keep the delivery 
or handling costs as low as possible.


The Quart-de-lune House edition has been in existence since 2010. Its founder and sole owner, the writer Anna Fayonna, a
 Quebec writer, has written and edited 8 books in addition she has collaborated with other writers to help them write and edit
 their books. Its mission is to help young writers bring their project to life. The same reason makes her open an online 
library so that she can form a larger community of book lovers.

visit this bookstore and many other shops available on our site.

at Qlelectricmall.com we take the security of your transactions seriously. this is why each transaction is taken care of and
 registered on the PayPal network, the leader in electronic commerce for maximum security.

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