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Activity – Promotions

releast an music album

You are music artist, whether your playing in a band and have your sample ready, looking for way to releast  a new album QL electricmall will help you do just that. Our program will give you the chance to manage your album the way you want to by allowing you to choose your picture album and basicly customise the entire presentation of your album before it releast. Our platform will also let you manage all the financial aspect of by giving you access to the account management to know exactcly how much copy have been sold all your copy rigt fee will be deposit on your bank account every mounth.

Quart-de-lune respect your copy you will keep all the rigt of this album no song music or lyrisc will be use for other use than this album with out your legal consentment.


How to open a store


How to open a new store

How to open an online store on QL electricmall

We will give you all the tools you need to make an excellant online store. Our plateform allow to promote and sell all kind of products and services, you can book an appointment for hair salon or your next manicure setion but it can also be a plomber. You can also sale digital products like a software, movies or music files. We will guide you thru simple steps that will make your online store a succesful one so you can by teaching you great ways to bring traffic to your online store very quickly. Our platform will let you manage business completly from the inventory to the the delivery of your product. Our repport page will give you live informations about your sales to make plan your marketing strategies while you are in your own home. you will be able to see see how many sale you mde at any giving time and transfert your money on your bank account or paypal account .

-1 To open an store on QL electronicmall you have to first open a free account with us to have a Username and password. If you don’thave an accoun yet register hereandfillout this form.

-2 The system will redirect you to your own front store after you filed the form this is an important step, this where you presente your store to the public so take the time to configurate your front store the best you can to attract more customers. add your banner, products and promotions so that customers can have aa good idea of what you offer, this is where you will be in contact live with your customers who’s visiting your store live when they have questions because they want to buy a product in your store. Provide a good customer service you provide can make a difference on your road to succes.

-3 choose when finish to step up the Front store page click on sales on main menu on top of the page to go to the product page and management to start adding products when you finish click ok and you’ll be all set to start selling.