Privacy Policy

We are providing custumers and retailers a safer, trustworthy place to interact

Protect your Personal data 

Is Our Commitment

QLelectricmall provides customers and retailers with a safe and trustworthy place to interact

We want to provide a better online shopping experience to our users.
You can visit and buy items without even opening an account. However, having an account will provide a better connection with your favorite suppliers, but will also allow you to receive announcements on all new discounts or special events.

When you decide to open an account or set up a store on QLelectricmall, you will be asked to provide personal information. You agree that these data will be stored on our very secure servers. Having accurate information about our users allows us to create a more efficient customer experience. We provide our users with mechanisms allowing them to access data linked to their own account, but also to easily navigate and interact with We want our customers and users to be able to easily change information on their account when it is inaccurate or out of date.

Payments and information
Information about credit cards or other payment methods is highly sensitive and confidential; they will therefore be treated as such. That’s why we use PayPal, the best on the market when it comes to internet security and online business, to make sure every transaction at QLelectricmall is safe, adequately processed, and fully traceable. For this purpose, the details of these transactions are saved by us and by Paypal, the best technology available for online transactions.

Why we ask for personal information – What is the benefit for you?
For traders

With your credentials, we can provide you with access to all of the functionality of our site, as well as to related websites. We can also offer services that allow store owners to distribute information from their QLelectricmall account to third party social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google or Twitter, but also to share all kinds of items advertising, such as photos, videos, and promotional items. We also allow promotional content, related to our users’ businesses but from their computers or other platforms like YouTube, to be integrated into our website.

For the customers

It is important to provide personal information, such as delivery address and payment methods, when you purchase products from our various stores. We understand that this information is very sensitive data and must be kept confidential. So, we treat them accordingly.
As part of our security policy, we will not share or transfer your personal data to any party or third party without your specific consent. If you wish to recover the information recorded by yourself on QLelectricmall, you must submit a written request to our customer service, and this information will be delivered to you securely, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We protect user data and privacy

Users trust us with their personal information; they expect us to protect them and use them appropriately. We operate information security programs that incorporate leading practices to manage personal information with care.

We know we are accountable for the protection of users’ privacy
We take seriously our commitment to protect the privacy of QLelectricmall users. It is a priority for us. Here’s why, when it comes to online shopping, we partner with Paypal, the best in online security and transaction. With PayPal, you are assured that each transaction is secure, perfectly transparent and traceable. Our program takes into account legal requirements, as well as our commitments to our users, to foster a trusted experience when they interact with us.

Limits on sharing information
Always out of concern for the privacy of our customers, we limit the sharing of information in order to reduce the risk of breach of confidentiality. We are and will continue to work diligently to provide buyers and sellers with a safe and trustworthy place for their interactions.

Our engagement
Our policy rules demonstrate our commitment to adequately protect your personal information, regardless of where the data is located or your location.